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CLIP continues to be the Service Industry leader for over 20 years. (We began with Lawn Maintenance Software and have expanded from there to many other service industries.)

CLIP gives you the ability to route, schedule, estimate and job cost your jobs and projects. CLIP also contains contact management software with all of your customer’s information and history of all services rendered since your first uses of CLIP!

You can track all your crews and the time spent on each job/location. CLIP produces employee efficiency reports and revenue tracking reports showing the profitability of each job and each customer.

With over 10,000 copies sold and 20 years in business, we are ready to help you eliminate paperwork and become more productive. CLIP uses Mobile technology and GPS technology to keep track of your crews, equipment, and to easily update completed field work for rescheduling, billing, and revenue tracking.

In addition, CLIP links with QuickBooks, Word, Excel, MapPoint and Outlook.

Let us help you be the leader in your industry. (Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping, Maid Service, etc.)

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